“How can I buy and sell at the same time in this market?” This is a question I often get asked these days. Here are some tips to help you accomplish this feat:

  1. Purchase new construction. If that’s an option for you, it’s easy to line up your closing dates. Sometimes, builders even have off-market homes. We can contact those builders and see if they have a home that could become available in the time frame that you’re looking at.
  2. Borrow from your 401k. Due to COVID, the associated penalties may be lessened. Contact your accountant for further information.
  3. Get a home equity line of credit. With a HELOC, you can borrow against your current home equity. We can help you figure out how much equity is in your home with a market analysis.
  4. Negotiate an extended closing time. In a seller’s market, you have more options to control the time frame for when you’re closing.
  5. Submit a contract contingent on the sale of your home.

If you’d like more pro tips, click here to view our full PDF or reach out to me. I look forward to hearing from you.