Here are five tips that will help you prepare your home for sale.

Today I’m sharing the top five tips I tell my clients when we meet to prepare their homes for sale. You want to ensure a successful sale and attract the most buyers possible, and this is how you can make that happen:

1. Make it sparkle. Deep clean your house. That means washing the windows, power-washing the driveway and sidewalks, scrubbing the light fixtures, cleaning the baseboards, and more.

2. Start packing. We all have too much clutter, and when buyers walk through your home, they want to envision their own furniture and items in the space. Clear off your refrigerator, kitchen, and bathroom counters, declutter the cabinets, and pack up some of the knick-knacks you have sitting around the house to ensure nothing gets in the way of the buyer picturing the home being theirs.

“Ensure nothing’s getting in the way of the buyer picturing the home being theirs.”

3. Paint. It’s always best to go with neutral paint colors. You may have a favorite color or a trendy hue, but again, neutral paint will help buyers envision the home as theirs and not worry about having to paint as soon as they move into the house.

4. Fix the small things. Whether it’s a doorknob that doesn’t work right, a fireplace that doesn’t start, or light fixtures that don’t turn on, the small things are extremely crucial to repair before buyers see the house.

5. Check the lighting. Make sure your curtains are open or even remove them; we’d rather have too much light than not enough. Ensure your light fixtures are letting in plenty of light and have working lightbulbs so that the house is bright. 

We’d love you to call or visit our website if you’re interested in learning more home-preparation tips or have any questions. We can schedule a strategy session with you. Hope to hear from you soon!